Transform Your Yard Into A Colorful “Mini-retreat” With This “60-Second” Home Upgrade

October 29, 2020 - Sam Robson
TL;DR: If you want to glamorize your home without draining your wallet, use ColorGlow customizable lights to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Waste Money On Expensive Outdoor Lights, Get This

Want a “new yard” you can be proud of? Let’s face it: you’re usually looking at $700 (or more) in upgrades.

Then there are electricians who will charge you hundreds of dollars for basic installation.

You can install them yourself. Just be ready for hours of back-breaking labor under the sun, and let’s hope you get it right.

But what if I can show you a way to make your yard look amazing without spending a fortune and hours of labor in the yard. Colorglow is the solution you’ve been looking for...

Introducing ColorGlow

ColorGlow is the “lazy homeowners” solution for enhancing your home’s beauty. Your neighbors will think you spent thousands of dollars (not even close).

You have your pick of 6 vibrant colors to showcase your home. And all 6 will make your home the star of your neighborhood.

But fair warning: don’t be surprised if your neighbors drop by to admire them up close. Some might even peek through their windows.

How Does ColorGlow Work?

ColorGlow installs in minutes! You don’t need to be an expert with tools either. Just pick a spot that needs light (and that gets a lot of sun), then attach the mounting bracket to each light.

The built-in solar panels will absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into power. That’s how ColorGlow charges.

Finally, choose your won color-scape from the 6 beautiful colors and 2 shifting modes. Easily customizable to your style and taste.

ColorGlow’s highly-sensitive photo sensors will know when the sun goes down. It will turn on automatically and blast awe-inspiring light onto your home.

ColorGlow Installs Easily

Installing Colorglow is headache-free and very affordable. You can showcase the best version of your house without messy wires, costly installation and maintenance fees, and high power bills.

Here’s How ColorGlow Changed My Life

Day 1:

I ordered 3 boxes and they came in 3 days - and on Saturday when I have free time!

The Colorglows and their mounting accessories were inside each box. I just needed a screwdriver. I installed them in under 2 minutes without any help

When night came, my home was surrounded by wonderful lights. It was the first time I saw my home look like a magical palace. I realized how much I’ve been neglecting my yard and how it looked at night.

Day 7:

It’s been a week since I Installed ColorGlow, and I’m happy they’re weather-proof. We had 3 thunderstorms and Colorglow was still shining!

But what really made me smile: the couple next door approached me yesterday and asked how much I paid the electrician to install them!

At first, I wanted to hold onto my little secret. I loved how Colorglow made my house stand out, plus I enjoyed the admiring glances, but beautiful neighborhoods are even better. So I emailed them the link.

Day 30:

It’s been a month since I installed Colorglow and I can’t stop smiling to myself. It’s the best home upgrade I’ve ever purchased. My family sometimes spends all evenings outside in the yard.

My other neighbors asked about the lights. For such a small price and super easy installation, we’ve been showered with compliments. We even see passerby’s stopping to look. Even when it’s raining my yard is shining bright.

Finally, I’m in love with how Colorglow makes our home more upscale and impressive. They’ve made our paths and corners safer at night so we don’t trip and fall.

5 Reasons ColowGlow Belongs In Your Yard

  • Have a house that stands out from the crowd 🏠
  • Make neighbors jealous and want to copy you 🤩
  • Boost your home’s curb appeal💸
  • Doesn’t hike up your power bill ☀️
  • No wires or setup fees, and installs in minutes 🔌
PRO TIP: Give your home a dramatic look, showcase unique areas, and make your yard seem bigger by using ColorGlows LED lights. Just adjust the lighting mode to your taste.

Why Is ColorGlow Better Than Other Lights?


Other Lights

Installs in minutes

Expensive installation fees

6 beautiful color modes

One boring color

Grand lighting effect

Looks boring

Powered by the sun

Hikes up your power bill


Not weather resistant

Saves money

Expensive installation and maintenance fees

ColorGlow Goes Anywhere

ColorGlow goes in virtually any spot around your home. Here are some ideas:

Check out what homeowners are saying about ColorGlow:

Verified Purchase

“Amazing! They make our ordinary fences look so stylish and modern. Every corner is photogenic and we play around with the color modes”

- Mina H.

Verified Purchase

“They’re so beautiful and last all night. I get up at 4 am and they’re still shining as bright as they were at 9 PM. We lined our pathways and fences with them to enhance safety. They also went on our patio, pool area, shrubs, and it looks great. We use different colors and it looks amazing. They’re the perfect level of brightness and don’t look tacky or cheap.”

- Eileen C.

Verified Purchase

“Best lights from your money. I agree with all the 5 star reviews and am giving one myself. They’re so easy to install and they look great. I put up a dozen lights in 20 minutes with some help from my son. My yard looks brand new”

- Roger R.

How Do You Get ColorGlow

ColorGlow wants to say hello by giving them a sweet 55% off on all orders, this deal can come down at any time.

Just to let you know they’re serious about making your home beautiful, they’ll give you a 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

ColorGlow believes that neighborhoods can look beautiful with top-quality lighting. We want to make our lights accessible to any homeowner across America, that’s why we’re always developing practical, sustainable, and magnificent lighting solutions for you. Every one of our products passes the strictest standards for safety and quality.

ColorGlow gets to your door from our US warehouse. We always want your lights to be delivered as fast as possible. All US orders ship in 3-8 days.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us and one of our dedicated lighting experts will help you out.